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Motherto4children Sun 16-Aug-20 11:20:30

I need some advice please.
Iv been with my dh 9 years married for 7. Have four children. 3 are his the eldest is mine from a previous relationship.
Before we got married found out he had been talking to another woman on a messenger thing called kik messenger. She sent him a bra pic, I dont know what he sent because the messages were deleted. I confronted him he said it was nothing i forgave him. Then just after our wedding he got a text scroll across the top of his phone it said babe and xxx so I snatched his phone and put it in my pocket because we were around people. When alone I had a look and it was a hidden phone number and it was a woman. I gave the number to a friend and asked her to ring it for me. She did the woman was really nice actually she said they had been messaging on a dating site badoo and he had arranged to meet her that week during his lunch hr at work. I went crazy obviously, I got into this badoo account and found lots of messages he had infact been messaging ladies the day before our wedding and the day after like what the hell!!!! But I forgave him like a idiot. Then fast forward a few years he put add on Craig's list huh!!! He said he has werid thoughts and needs a release...ok talk to me we are married what the hell. Fast forward to 2017 we had our fourth child he went out to wet the babies head and lunch time didnt come home untill 4.30am he slept most of the next day but was reallly secretive with his phone he kept hiding it under the pillow evertime I entered the room i didnt think anything of this thought. I few days later we were watching a film he had flung it from his phone to the TV so any notifications he had on his phone came up on the TV. He had a message from a woman at his work this woman is 16yr his Jr. I felt threatened by her so befriend her went out drinking with her let her into my home. So the message said please talk to me.i took his phone the message history had gone. I confronted him he said it was nothing she just got wrong end stick. So I message her saying je told me everything I just hope your not pregnant, she replied it was just a kiss. So I said to him tell me now what happened he wouldn't admit it I told him she told me what happened. He still wouldn't tell me. Anyway we had a massive argument blah blah blah. Then the last dew days his been acting werid, not coming bed when I do staying up for 2hr n half longer. Dodgy with his phone maybe I was overthinking this. Anyway o took his phone while he was in the shower yesterday couldnt find anything however on play store there was dating apps suggested for him. But nothing on his download list. I went on to reviews and there they were he had downloaded them. I then set up some fake profiles on these and found him and a recent pic he took with our younger dd obviously she is cropped off them, his under a fake name. It says looking to date. What do I do!!!!

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coffeerice Sun 16-Aug-20 11:35:53

What do you do, you ask. Tell him to leave right now. If there's money in a joint account move it. Tomorrow talk to a solicitor.

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