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More fighting with DP

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pancakeloverrr Fri 14-Aug-20 21:10:27

I wanted to ask anyone- has fighting/ arguing been worse (meaning x100) since covid began?

For us- it seems everyrhjng is a huge discussion that turns into not speaking to each other.

I am curious if anyone else is going through the same thing due to coronavirus?

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DontBeShelfish Fri 14-Aug-20 21:17:43

We've been quite up and down. DP properly stepped up at the start of lockdown after losing his job. But being together so much more in our small house has meant we've just got on each other's nerves a lot more. Plus I'm home all the time (WFH) and get supremely pissed off when he doesn't help with chores/the kids.

pancakeloverrr Fri 14-Aug-20 21:20:04

DP last night started drinking a lot while I made four meals (meal prep sort of for two days), taking care of DD ; and I haven't spoken to him.

He slept on the sofa. I want to leave him; I hate him now confused

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DontBeShelfish Fri 14-Aug-20 21:39:57

Is this a lockdown thing though, him being a lazy git, or is it just that you're noticing it more? I take it if you asked him to help, he'd kick off?

pancakeloverrr Fri 14-Aug-20 21:50:35

I'm thinking it's more due to the lockdown, coronavirus issues of not leaving the house much.

But really, 7 pints in one go? I'm just not ok with that much consumption of alcohol a night.

It's not that he's not helpful, (he's not), but it's his drinking that really bothers me. He will be sleeping in the sofa for a while, I've never been as disgusted by him as I was last night.

I feel during these difficult times, I shouldn't haven't to bear the burden of making sure my DD is healthy both mentally and physically, but also her watching her dad chug beer all night just absolutely disgusted me like nothing else.

I do have a glass of wine twice a week, maybe. But I don't ever get drunk. I am definitely sounding like the alcohol police, but i think it's pitiful watching a 45 year old man getting hammered on the sofa. With a young child.

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pancakeloverrr Fri 14-Aug-20 21:51:51

Maybe I'm more easily annoyed due to this entire year being shit!

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DontBeShelfish Sat 15-Aug-20 22:23:28

No I understand completely, it's a huge turn-off for me and when I had my DD it was the non-negotiable part of my relationship with DP. We both drank far too much and I told him it stopped with her. And after a tricky start, it has.

How are things today, OP? Hope you're ok.

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