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How do you know if someone is interested In you?

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DosieDaisy Sun 09-Aug-20 23:43:20

What it says, how do you know if someone likes you, what are the signs?

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Enough4me Sun 09-Aug-20 23:45:38

Genuine interest is not showy gestures or love bombing. Instead they keep in regular contact with you and ask you questions to learn more about you.

Gubbeen Sun 09-Aug-20 23:47:30

They ask you out.

Charles11 Sun 09-Aug-20 23:54:14

They contact you, they ask to spend time with you.
They want to be with you and put effort into it. They’re interested in you as a person.
It’s not just words, or gestures. It’s both.

DosieDaisy Mon 10-Aug-20 00:23:52

I'm in a relationship, happy I may add which they know so they can't exactly ask me out, have a new friend and I kind of have a feeling but not 100% sure so just wanted to see what people said

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roundandsideways Mon 10-Aug-20 00:46:16

Well maybe you should get out of your relationship if your new friend is making you wonder. Then figure out what you want.

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