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Can you recover from a gambling addiction?

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Alxandra Sun 09-Aug-20 08:16:52

My sister has been married 5 years. During that time, her husband has been gambling excessively on 2 occasions. First time he lost 3k and second time 40k. It seems it is his way of dealing with extreme stress. He attended a group gambling session once a week for a few months but nothing else. They have other marital problems such as poor communication, luckily no financial problems or adultery etc.

I’d really like to understand the gambling addiction better. Can someone recover from it? Is it realistic to expect that from them? Do you know anyone that has managed to overcome it? What did they do? What can the family do to help?

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AnotherEmma Sun 09-Aug-20 08:22:21

No financial problems?! So they just had a spare £40k they could afford to lose?!

If I were you I'd be advising her to LTB.

Meruem Sun 09-Aug-20 09:01:49

I won’t say they can’t but honestly things will likely get a lot worse before (and if) they start to get better. Like any addict he will lie and manipulate to get his fix. Does your sister really want to live like that? Especially if there are other problems in the relationship.

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