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Can OH demand 50/50 custody if he lives with his mum?

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5050not Sat 08-Aug-20 10:37:47

OH travels a lot for work (usually, Covid has changed that recently obv). In a difficult position atm as his mum is living with us but am beginning to wonder if we should separate for various reasons.

To put in perspective in my dds first year of life he was gone for roughly 6 months (maybe even more) and I was on my own. It would likely be similar once travel is properly up and running. My worry is he will demand 50/50 custody even when he is away to spite me and have his mum look after her.

Not to speak badly of MIL but she can be quite stern and vicious in the way she speaks to DD when she’s doing regular toddler stuff and also gives her the silent treatment if she does something she doesn’t like which IMO is high manipulative and borderline abusive. Poor dd is too young to understand and gets very confused and upset so I just take her away from the situation. My fear is if he did receive 50/50 custody I couldn’t intervene if this happened and it could effect dd in the long run.

I have called MIL out on this but she says I think my ‘new’ methods are best and they’re not! hmm

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Fairycake2 Sat 08-Aug-20 14:50:44

I'd try not to worry too much at this stage. My XH said he wanted 50/50 but didn't go through with the court case in the end (he stopped it) and now I argue with him about having DC enough and taking responsibility! They often think they want 50/50 so they don't have to pay maintenance but the reality is often very different. Plus I suspect the court wouldn't award it to him anyway if he travels for work a lot and would be leaving them with his DM

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