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Feeling Lost

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ThatsUsNaii Sat 08-Aug-20 01:41:28

First time posting..
Been in a serious same sex relationship for some years now, DP is such a good person always there for me very supportive my best friend, but there is little to no affection or intimacy for a while which has been spoken about so many times in the last year and DP says they will try but still nothing. Recently We have been going to a PT very attractive and I think I have feelings for her. I know that PT is straight but sometimes I feel like she feels the same, always beside me looking at me even getting close if I'm not doing something right, I feel like I'm going to go crazy. I do love my DP very much I just feel like if i was getting the attention and intimacy I crave I wouldn't feel like this but I am sick of talking about it and getting no where. I do not know what to do because feelings are deepening for PT and I don't know what to do.

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peachyblossom Sat 08-Aug-20 03:03:46

Hi Hun,

I think you maybe need to have a long hard think about what you really want. You need to imagine how you would actually feel if you & DP weren't together anymore - would it make you feel deeply sad? I have been in a relationship previously where the spark had completely gone & personally I don't think it can come back once it's past that point (even though I really tried) everyone is different though. I wouldn't advise to do anything with the PT though because you'll be stuck in a sticky situation (especially if you still love DP & wanna make things work! X

ThatsUsNaii Sat 08-Aug-20 20:15:21

Thanks for the reply I think it was what I needed to hear

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