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Please give me some ideas for couple challenges

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ThirtyAndASmidgen Thu 06-Aug-20 10:15:39

My DP and I would like to do a challenge together before we settle down and start a family - something which is difficult and involves tenacity and teamwork. It could be just the two of us or part of a bigger team. I was thinking along the lines of the Three Peaks Challenge or the Camino de Santiago. I’m open to a charitable element but it’s not required.

He is very fit and I’m more average but would be willing to do some training if necessary. We have some trekking experience (I’ve done most of the Annapurna circuit, admittedly a decade ago) and also a very limited amount of sailing, kayaking, cycling and camping experience. I’d be really keen to hear any and all ideas, particularly for things you’ve done yourself.

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cooliebrown Thu 06-Aug-20 14:23:50

If I was 30 years younger

Wherearemymarbles Thu 06-Aug-20 14:36:50

Kids and marriage - they’ll be challenge enough!! I’d conserving my stamina for that!!

Wherearemymarbles Thu 06-Aug-20 14:41:03

But you could look at the Haute Route,
Either in winter for skiing or there is a cycling one

LoganberryOakley2 Thu 06-Aug-20 18:53:12

Oh wow,. Fair play to you. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas or experience but you've inspired me to find a (more gentle) challenge to do with my husband at some point, the ideas look absolutely amazing!

Good luck to you both.

ThirtyAndASmidgen Thu 06-Aug-20 22:07:40

Thanks for the ideas so far! I’d love to hear if anyone has any more 😊

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AuntieStella Thu 06-Aug-20 22:37:16

If you can travel overseas, try the Marathon des Sables - postponed this year until April next

If not going abroad:

There are triathlons where one of the three legs is kayaking (not swimming)

Race to the Stones can be done over various distances in up to two days - or do the full 100km along the Ridgeway in a one-r

Devizes to Westminster Canoe race

Swim round Jersey

Or the classic LEJOG - you could join one of the virtual events (for the bling, and the tracking) but really truly run it

OhioOhioOhio Thu 06-Aug-20 22:43:29

I'd go to somewhere and do a build a school venture and save the money for the boring stuff.

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