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Littlelamb40 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:17:25

I decided to join a week ago as the guy I liked previously showed no interest in me so I've had to move on.

Last night I noticed he had viewed my profile so he's obviously on there too!

Why would he keep looking at my profile if he was never that bothered about me in the first place . Very odd


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MoreListeningLessChatting Wed 05-Aug-20 20:26:47


When you say he had no interest in you do you know that? Have you been on dates/did he know you were single?

Maybe he recognised your face and had a quick look at your profile to check same person? Did he then send you a message?

You could send a quick hello type message "I see you have viewed my profile, we both like X, Y and Z fancy a chat?" Yes it's weak, non imaginative etc but a quick hello to see if he replies - if he doesn't bin forever...

There are lurkers on dating sites and some who just look around to see who are around but perhaps you don't quite 'fit' what he is looking for so didn't message?

Have a look at the other profiles...anyone there take your fancy? Send then a funny message commenting on interests or ask a question about their interests etc.... Not the same message as the fancy a chat one above.... there must be someone there that takes your fancy.

Good luck

Littlelamb40 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:34:08

The guy i previously liked would never say why he just wouldn't date me. We slept together a few times in June/July

I had known him a while as he is one of the dads from the school. He only took me out once that was in February. I ended up fancing him, but it was always me doing the chasing. He started to avoid me and lost interest with no explanation .
Would never answer my phone calls or never text back.

Now he keeps looking at my profile.


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