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Please talk to me about OLD

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Letitbe12345 Wed 05-Aug-20 08:14:48


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Bunnymumy Tue 04-Aug-20 22:13:10

I would try arrange a date with them within a couple of conversations (but either way dont let it drag out for more than a week or two without meeting). And at this point I would give them my number. Just for 'are we still on for tomorrow?' or 'I'm running late' messages or whatever in the date day.

Basically try not to get to invested until you have met them and know they arent tomewasters and that you are interested.

Sometimes chatting can be a nice wee ego boost of course but if you are serious about dating then take the bull by the horns or you'll be faffed about by every opportunist about.

Letitbe12345 Tue 04-Aug-20 22:01:56

Thanks, that’s helpful.

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Raidblunner Tue 04-Aug-20 21:52:35

I did OLD on & off for a couple of years. Well how does it work? I think the most important thing is to be yourself and always practice 'safe dating' meet in a public place and to be as open minded as posible. As a father of 3 daughters safety is important. I would be perhaps a little mindful about handing out your number before you meet up. If you enjoy each others company af the end of the date that's the time to exchange numbers. I wouldn't waste hours on emailing and messaging its far better to meet in person.Good luck

Meagain204 Tue 04-Aug-20 21:50:23

If the chat is nice, then I give my number if they ask for it. Not strictly necessary but seems to be a step towards a date. But then I’ve had about 60 with not much success so...

I would say trust your gut. I don’t give my number out unless I feel comfortable. I’ve met quite a few creeps but nothing hugely menacing!

I try to meet up relatively quickly as there are some guys on there that seem to just want a pen pal. I think also that you just can’t tell until you meet someone in real life.

Good luck!

Letitbe12345 Tue 04-Aug-20 21:40:45

New to online dating. How does it work, when should they/you suggest swapping numbers/ meeting. Just don’t know what’s normal or iwhat to expect. Any advice please?

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