I am losing my mind with fertility anxiety please help

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amberday Mon 03-Aug-20 12:33:51

I’ve come here because I am not coping today at all. I know much of my panic is irrational but I’m spiralling.

I had to have a termination this year. I’ve broken up with my then partner and since been totally obsessed with fertility and pregnancy. It is always something that has worried me but since I’ve had to have scans etc (which have been fine) I’ve gone into overdrive.

At one scan a doctor said the uterine lining was uneven and may have been infection so I went on antibiotics as a precaution... they couldn’t say for sure there was infection.

At a follow up scan they said Fallopian tubes fine ...but I’ve read you can’t even see them on a scan?! So I’m worried that was made up.

I’ve been told I have normal cysts on ovaries and that it’s nothing to worry about, shouldn’t be a problem and are common.

All of it has led me to worry constantly everyday that I won’t be able to conceive. I just want my life back and I’m consumed by all this. Has anyone has these worries and overcome them?

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icedaisy Mon 03-Aug-20 12:38:19

Any type of anxiety is hard op. My understanding is cbt therapy is the best option.

Just looking at what you have written, the facts are you have been pregnant and your scans are fine. So based on that alone the anxiety seems more health based as fertility has shown no cause for concern?

That's the thing with anxiety though, it just flares. I'm like that around daughter health. She's fine but I worry she might not be. Hard, as I say.

amberday Mon 03-Aug-20 12:43:01

There’s been nothing to suggest I NEED to worry. I even called up last week to ask outright as a doctor had said in passing feel free now to try if you want to get pregnant....this put me in a right spin of then suggesting I needed to hurry up.

I feel so stressed about it all and feel I will constantly worry I have an infection.

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Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Mon 03-Aug-20 12:46:20

I have had similar - needed fertility treatment due to DH’s infertility and I worried so much after a miscarriage. Had scans and tests and worries myself senseless. In the end all was well and I had three children.

Are you actively trying just now? If not try to fixate in overall wellbeing. The stress is a killer and changes are that all will be well xx

amberday Mon 03-Aug-20 12:53:21

I’m single as broke up with my ex just after we had termination.

I wake up in the night thinking about it all. I can’t sleep properly and i am always worried that they haven’t checked things properly. Or that there’s something missed or maybe I do have an infection.

It’s hard and I feel like I will be like this with whoever I meet which I know isn’t good. I don’t want a family alone so would rather wait but then there is preasure. Feels horrible

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Givemestrengthorgin Mon 03-Aug-20 13:02:58

OP, this sounds like you have anxiety and catastrophic thinking. Did you have anxiety before you had a termination? Or is this a manifestation of the stress you are feeling as a result of the termination?
It can be helpful to write down the facts of what you know and then try and think logically about how realistic your worries are. You got pregnant, you've had a more though examination of your reproductive system that most women and been told everything looks fine. So your worries sound irrational when based on the facts. Counselling could really help you.

seensome Mon 03-Aug-20 13:05:04

Call your GP with your concerns, it may help to put your mind at rest.


amberday Mon 03-Aug-20 13:05:33

Yes have always had anxiety but this is bad, I feel worried all the time about infection. I know rationally that it is silly, like you say nobody has said there is cause for concern.

I think for me it is now focused on what I should and shouldn’t do about possible infection and it is taking over quite a bit.

Also worrung that I am single. I’m nowhere near settling down

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