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Concerned for friend

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Chrisii1991 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:31:32

My friend also had a baby a few months ago and she is suffering with PND. I can see she is completely broken and a former shell of who she once was. Her partner is amazing with their baby boy and devoted to him but to her he is not. He belittles her and calls her useless and makes her feel like a bad mother. He accuses her of ignoring their child which isn't true. I don't know what to say to help her. But she's heartbroken.

To add she has been really ill since the birth with anaemia and she is barely eating due to her depression

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LouiseTrees Sat 01-Aug-20 17:50:16

Could you have her and the baby come stay with you? Then slowly build her confidence by saying nice things about her abilities.

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