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Anyone had counselling?

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Lacey2019 Thu 30-Jul-20 21:40:24

Hello everyone smile
I hope you are well in these horrible times.
I wondered if anyone had had counselling to deal with a break up. I have had 2 sessions now which I am embarrassed to admit to anyone. I am hoping it can help me to come to terms with my failed relationship.
I am unsure if I continue, as it just makes me feel so disappointed in myself when I talk about what happened and that I’m where I am

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Joy69 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:09:56

I have had counselling. It was for a number of reasons, one being a break up. Please don't feel embarrassed about going to the sessions. I found them very beneficial, but not until maybe the 4th/5th session. It unravelled alot of issues that I had which really surprised me. The biggest benefit that I came away with was inner confidence and self believe.
Good luck with everything. It will get better flowers

Steph777 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:15:05

I’m about to start counselling ... widowed with one child, now separated from a 12 year marriage with 2 more children and just out of a one year abusive relationship ! I need to get it out my system and feel my friends have given enough support - i need a trained ear to focus me . I haven’t told anyone about counselling yet - not sure if/when i will. Feel i just need to do it first

Lacey2019 Thu 30-Jul-20 23:04:57

You’re so brave x I’m so sorry for all you have been through @Steph777

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redastherose Thu 30-Jul-20 23:08:09

Yes, please don't feel embarrassed. I had Counselling with a hypno-psychotherapist after separating from my Narc ExH. I wanted to unpick why I'd allowed myself to be treated so badly for so very long and ensure that I wouldn't get into another relationship like that. It really worked and was well worth doing.

FlorenceandZebedee Fri 31-Jul-20 19:33:32

I’ve been seeing a psychotherapist for 10 months to help me work through what turns out to be the end of my marriage. The therapy has been the very best thing I have done this year, it has been confronting and challenging at times but has helped more than anything else. I would recommend it to anyone considering it

lmwghb Fri 31-Jul-20 19:48:01

I would say that one or two sessions is really not enough, the devil is in the detail and those first sessions are a period of discovery where your councillor can understand you a bit getter and how you think, and the challenge that thinking or give you another point of view you may not have thought if. It can take a few sessions to get there.

TigerDater Fri 31-Jul-20 20:19:35

Money well spent, always

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