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Bad kiss on second date

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Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:01:42


I went on a second date with a guy, we got on well and he put thought into our date plans but we kissed at the end of the night and it was not good! Any advice? Should I move on now or persist? He text and said he really enjoyed the date and kiss and asked to meet again...

I went through quite a difficult break up of a longterm relationship so am.only finding my feet in the dating world again.

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Feralkidsatthecampsite Thu 30-Jul-20 15:05:35

I met my dh at a bar. Kissed within an hour and sparks flew. I would have walked away if it had been rubbish!!

RoxanneMonke Thu 30-Jul-20 15:06:30

I think I would move on

googlepoodle Thu 30-Jul-20 15:09:40

Yep move on

Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:13:11

It's a pity...he has lots of positives and would be someone I'd go for if that part went well but I guess that is a bit of a deal breaker...its so hard to find someone who ticks all the boxes...

It made me miss my ex...he was a great kisser 😪

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SnakesOrLadders Thu 30-Jul-20 15:15:54

Was it a one off awkward kiss he might have been nervous?
Or consistently bad kisser nah more on my ex boyfriend at 6th form was the worst kisser ever so had to dump- we now see each other regularly at the school gate kids in same class! 😳

AnneLovesGilbert Thu 30-Jul-20 15:15:59

Move on. Bad kissing is a deal breaker. Do you mean poor technique or lack of chemistry?

I’ll remember our first kiss till the day I die. It was electric. Gives me butterflies thinking about it, honestly didn’t know it could be like that.

Can you imagine shagging him? I don’t think anyone’s ever had mind blowing sex with someone they don’t enjoy kissing.

MadamShazam Thu 30-Jul-20 15:19:44

Oh no, if there are no sparks during the first kiss, then there wouldn't be another date for me. Sorry OP.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 30-Jul-20 15:29:20

Hmm... Could have just been an awkward first kiss. Was it a quick kiss or a proper kiss? That might influence my decision.

missmouse101 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:29:26

What? You're going to throw away something promising due to a single solitary kiss? confused Just have a couple more dates and see how it goes!

Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:34:09

It was a proper full blown kiss...bad technique I sparks at all...very disappointing...

I havent kissed too many guys since my breakup...but this was definitely the worst...

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Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:35:46

I cant imagine sleeping with him based on could be worse again! Dating is so difficult 🙈

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ravenmum Thu 30-Jul-20 15:40:14

Doesn't sound promising! I'd probably give him another chance if I was really interested. But then again, I'd only kiss him if I was really interested smile

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 30-Jul-20 15:48:45


I cant imagine sleeping with him based on could be worse again! Dating is so difficult 🙈

Have to say that my worst kisser was followed by the worst sex. Actually makes me shrivel up thinking back to it.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Thu 30-Jul-20 15:49:05

*worst kiss

Poppyismyfavourite Thu 30-Jul-20 15:53:04

hmm I think I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and one more try (if you like him otherwise). But if the second/third kisses are rubbish then ditch him!

I remember briefly dating a guy at uni who was a terrible kisser, slobbered all over my face and it was just horrible. A few months later my friend went out with him too (which I was fine with) and commented on how good he was! I couldn't believe it!

Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:54:45

One more go so maybe but I'm a bit deflated now!

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Greenglassteacup Thu 30-Jul-20 15:56:35

I’d dust him off and put him back OP

crimsonlake Thu 30-Jul-20 15:56:53

I remember a friend telling me she had met someone and described him as a bad kisser. She actually went on to marry him and seem happy, perhaps she trained him up smile

MitziK Thu 30-Jul-20 15:57:28

Nah, don't put yourself through it again.

If they can't kiss you without you thinking 'bleurgh', they're not going to be able to come up with the goods in bed.

YouJustDoYou Thu 30-Jul-20 15:57:50

I've never felt those sparks at all when kissing my dh. It's not always easy, when you don't have that attraction in that lust way to someone. It may of course change for you - I think what might be worse is always wondering, what if I'd just gone on one more date with him, just to see? If you're still not feeling it then, then at least you know.

serenada Thu 30-Jul-20 16:00:51

You are a tough crowd grin

He's a work in progress, OP - just like the rest of us. Imagine if he was on a men's site saying this?

Nev85 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:02:09

I know! I even feel a bit guilty posting this but I just dont know what i should do! I was used to a good passionate kisser for so long this was just disappointing! He has lots of nice qualities from what I've seen so far!

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whichteaareyou Thu 30-Jul-20 16:13:42

Me and my DH first kiss was awful!!! I was fully prepared to never see him again and then my mum convinced me to. Been together 10 years and married now 🤣

abstractzebra Thu 30-Jul-20 16:13:55

I think too many sparks too soon, sometimes means it fizzles out quickly.
Slow burn is better.
Some of the comments here are way too hasty! sad

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