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Husband and my parents

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JimmyJam2019 Wed 29-Jul-20 23:51:48

My parents live over 6 hours drive away but I am very close to them and want to see them and allow them to see their grandchildren as much as possible. If money allowed they would move to our area.
My husband is not a fan of their visits. His family don't see alot of each other, they just don't seem to see the need and unless it's a mass family gathering, then we maybe see them once/twice a year for a couple of days, they live a 3 hour drive away. They rarely come here even though they are very welcome and when they do, they stay in a hotel even though we have ample room.
My parents want to visit next month for our second daughter's first birthday, for 5 days. They normally make 3/4 trips a year and are often up to a week to justify the journey. As I have been on maternity leave, my mum has been a couple of other times during the first couple of months. This time they have said they will stay in a hotel to keep out of the way but during the day while my husband works in the study they will look after the kids so I can get some jobs done round the house and we will just hang out as families do, although not strictly within the rules as there are 2 of them we are a bubble for them.
My husband doesn't dislike them but has always seen them as my family and not his despite us being married. He has very little emotional intelligence (if that's the phrase) when it comes to families. If he's been on the phone to his mum and I ask how things are with them he gets funny with me like I'm being nosey and it's none of my business.
Since having kids and losing my good job after a maternity discrimination issue, I have fallen into being the 50s housewife I never wanted to be. I want to be able to be able to see my family (with 2 tiny kids me taking them there is a bit impossible) but my husband doesn't seem to understand the point.
After that ramble, I guess the question is what do I do? If they come down and don't stay with us, I don't understand his objection other than he doesn't see the point of the visit. But is it my fault that my family like to see each other and his don't?

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FortunesFave Thu 30-Jul-20 06:32:16

What has he said about this upcoming visit? Has he complained?

Tell him to piss off. DH and I never used to automatically like one another's families....but we dealt with it. I put up with his Mum staying for three months once!

You just do! He has to deal with it and be nice. If he can't do this then I would seriously be thinking hard about the relationship.

Guavaf1sh Thu 30-Jul-20 07:39:31

I sense the family visit isn’t the real issue - that you being unhappy with your current situation is?

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