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Oh BUM! I've gone and put my foot in it again!!!

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LowFat Mon 01-Oct-07 12:08:48

Why is it whenever I try to do the right thing it ends up being wrong sad

DD had her 4th b'day party at the weekend. On the same morning we received an invite from one of her pre-school friends (also I know him and family from ante-natal group)who is having a joint 4th party with another ante-natale group friend who he still see's when he goes to nursery (but she's not at pre-school with DD).

Every other year, despite only seening them at this time we have invited all ante-natale friends to DD's birthday, but this year she had her own friends and I thought seen as we dont see the others anymore there was no point excluding DD's actual friends for her to keep up this yearly trend.

But because of the joint party, when I got the invite I phoned the other LG's mum and left a message explaining about DD's party and her choosing guests etc, but said as DD would be at her party we would love to have her at ours and sorry for short notice etc, but I hoped she could come. (I could squeeze her in because my DN cancelled do to being poorly - not that I told her this bit.)

Also I thought not inviting her and then going to her party would be awkward when asked why DD did nothing this year, knowing she had a party and joint b'day boy came.

But it seems this was the wrong thing to do, as DH see's this family most days when he's at work and this morning he has called to say LG's dad said hello but definatley gave off 'bad vibes'.

I have just come through a major cock up from DS Christening with a salvage friendship and yet here I go again. All I want is to do the right thing by everyone and I've done the wrong thing. Even DH has said he's sick of trying to please everyone.

Now we dont want to go to this joint party because of potential bad feeing, so will give LB from pre-school a present and card when I see his mum.

Also DD has been invited to another AN friends party and I have declined as we could'nt invite her to ours and I know this LG will be there too.

warthog Mon 01-Oct-07 12:19:32

i think you've moved on from the ante-natal group and they're a bit taken aback. so either you can mend bridges and carry on with the once a year party thing (which i'm sure will eventually fizzle out) or bite the bullet and not go to anyone elses. they'll get the message quickly enough.

LowFat Mon 01-Oct-07 12:23:42

That's what I thought Warthog, we only see them once a year.

The rest of them get together more often but I work and dont drive so for one reason or another I can't join them at Actvity Land outing and picnics etc

It's just this joint oarty that's out a spanner in the works! If she had known both well or only one and not the other no problem. But we know both but have totally different relationships.

macdoodle Mon 01-Oct-07 16:44:28

Oh FGS they all need to grow up I had similar stupid seeing parents from antenatal group once a year at birthday parties...once DD had her own friends could not see point of inviting children she didn't even know and having to exclude her own friends due to numbers and cost ...invite those we still see every now and then bit stopped the annual invites mine was first born of antenatal group the other invites back stopped pretty sharpish...not that bothered - she has her own circle of mates now and I have mine...we have a few from AN that we still see ....

LowFat Mon 01-Oct-07 19:21:36

That's the same as us MacDoodle, DD is the eldest, but the other invites came anyway - I guess they thought w were'nt doing anything. Just ticked off that I tried to please everyone with the best intentions and this is what's happened.

DD will now not be attending party of a friends because it is joint and we seem to have offended the other parents. sad

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