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Dating, dtd and body hang ups.

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SparrowHammer Mon 27-Jul-20 13:30:55

So, I'm feeling a bit self conscious about my body in relation to being seen naked and when dtd. I have relatively small boobs, lots of freckles and a relatively uncommon/unusual body type. Also stretch marks from having DC.

I think I look attractive enough with clothes on. However, I'm a bit nervous about being seen naked and the guy I'm interested in being repulsed.

Please reassure me. Thanks.

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itsureis Mon 27-Jul-20 13:42:23

Give your body a little TLC.
Shave your legs, and wherever else, have a long shower or bath, body moisturiser, a little fake tan if you like, and put your best bra and pants on.
Then "potter" around the house :-)
I do this when I'm usually tidying laundry etc. Get use to seeing yourself, and how fabulous you look, then it won't matter what others think 😘

Sparkybloke Mon 27-Jul-20 13:47:07

Hey....if he's good enough and polite enough to be allowed into your bedroom then I'm sure he will be as nervous about his issues as you don't worry.....he will be fixated on you and probably your boobs and bits men are pretty simple creatures!!!! Trust me once you are naked he will not care....anyway you can be up front with scars and stretch marks.....I have scars and that's life....

MolotovMocktail Mon 27-Jul-20 16:07:23

OP, he already has a pretty good idea of the traits you’re concerned about. He will have thoroughly checked you out and will be aware of your body shape and size, and freckles if they’re on your face too. If he’d found you wanting he wouldn’t have stuck around. I’m sure he finds you attractive just the way you are.

SparrowHammer Mon 27-Jul-20 19:02:22

Thanks all. Just to clarify, we haven't got to that point of intimacy as of yet. Everyone has hang ups... I know and I'm largely very confident about my appearance. I'm freckled all over and I'm aware that most men are drawn to smooth skin/porn star looks. Guess I need to stop comparing myself, he should feel lucky to be getting some.grin

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