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Question for those who met their partners at work

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BooFuckingHoo2 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:39:39

How did it come about?

There’s a few guys I like the look of at work, although they aren’t on my team nor do I work directly with them (probably a bonus so thinks don’t get awkward!), but I’m absolutely stumped at how to strike up any meaningful conversation with them.

At the moment it’s literally a case of seeing them across the office/car park so they probably don’t even know I exist! Also I would want to attempt to flirt and embarrass myself by finding out they have a girlfriend.

Give me tips oh wise ones grin

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BooFuckingHoo2 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:40:19

*thing and WOULDN’T want to flirt obviously grin

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Sanch1 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:42:30

We were part of the same team so had lots of flirty banter for a while, then I took the plunge on a work night out under the influence of a few beverages. We got married in March and have a baby on the way smile perhaps start by trying to start up a conversation in the kitchen/tea room/breakout area? Then you can easily use email or work message system to ask one of them for a drink?

AliceinBunnyland Sat 25-Jul-20 19:43:03

I met my DH at work more than a decade ago but we worked in the same team and so had lots of conversation on a daily basis. We sure to talk to one another and go for lunches and quite a bit. Looking back, it was obvious we had liked one another but at the time I wasn't sure until he asked me out. B it I remember speaking with a mutual colleague and he wasn't surprised I liked now DH and he thought DH liked me.

Is there someone you know who knows the person who you can ask about them or find out if they are single?

Otherwise if they really don't know who you are and you have nothing to do with them then why not just ask them out. I wouldn't do it but many people would.

Notglam Sat 25-Jul-20 19:45:47

Drunken kiss during after work drinks on payday (was my first week at the company, so much beer fear the next day)
Few months of awkward flirting then got together properly at the Christmas night out.
Cliche or what haha wink
Have been inseparable since but kept it quiet at work. Easy to do as there’s over 100 people on our floor in the office.

BooFuckingHoo2 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:46:43

Awww lovely stories!!

Sadly there are no post work drinks at the moment for obvious reasons sad

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Orangedaisy Sat 25-Jul-20 19:47:05

Alcohol. A lot of it. After we’d known each other more than 10 years. And then it went really fast as we were good friends already.

DiploCat1 Sat 25-Jul-20 19:47:06

I met one boyfriend and then met my now husband at work (I have been there for over 10 years!). With the boyfriend, I was selling tickets for a Christmas party and he emailed to buy one and came to by desk to pick it up. We had instant chemistry and kept emailing. I was having a houseparty so invited him to that and we got together. And were together for 6 months.

My now husband I had known casually for a couple of years as we had mutual friends at work, there was a drunken night out and it went from there... 8 years, a posting overseas and two kids later here we are! We have never worked in the same team (and wouldn't in the future). Through no choice of our own we do sit relatively near each other but don't really talk to each other during the day. We also don't go to and from work together.

DancingintheSpoonlight Sat 25-Jul-20 20:15:59

DP emailed me his first week at my workplace with his number because he'd seen me but was too scared to approach grin I wasn't sure but after about 8 months I gave in and realised he was bloody amazing. Been happy ever since grin

BooFuckingHoo2 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:37:08

@DancingintheSpoonlight I wish this would happen to me grin sadly I don’t think they even know my name!

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Summer41 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:50:01

I have dated several people from work (different places of work over a long period of time). In most cases we got talking on a works night out, we ended up swapping numbers and it went from there.

I've also been asked out via email, two wrote me letters and slipped them on my desk (in the days before everyone had an email account) and I've had two Valentines cards where I was kept guessing all day before I got an email of confession just before home time!

On another occasion I confided in a colleague that I liked someone, they arranged a date between us and that was a disaster. The man in question didn't want to be there one bit and seemed to have been coerced into it!

ChickenDipper28 Sat 25-Jul-20 20:51:20

Currently living with my partner and have a baby on the way with somebody I met at work ☺️

We didn't speak for about a year and a half and just briefly saw eachother (worked different shift patterns)
I suddenly grew the balls to start saying good morning to him and the conversation started to grow!! He added me on Facebook, but we didn't really talk more so I sent him a message just asking how work was and that was it! We started talking everyday and got closer and the chemistry just rolled 😬
I moved to nights to work with him then he moved in with me while we were saving for our first house! Work relationships can work! Wouldn't change anything for the world ❤️

Basillify Sat 25-Jul-20 23:28:05

A group of us would go for drinks after work every Friday. One night people gradually left until it was only the two of us. We were having loads of fun so stayed out talking and drinking. We'd always been in the same social circle at work but never actually worked together and hadn't really been alone together or had much one to one chat yet that night it was like we'd known each other forever. He messaged me the next day and it went from there. Four years on we're all moved in together and planning our future.

I was nervous about seeing someone from work but when you know you know!

Whatagreytdoggo Sat 25-Jul-20 23:43:38

I offered him a lift home after we finished! Got talking and been together 7 years now! 😁

CoffeeBeansGalore Sat 25-Jul-20 23:55:22

Met DH as he worked for a company who supplied equipment to the company I worked for as a receptionist. He used to call to speak to people & started chatting to me before I put him through. He asked me out after approx 5 months. He proposed 6 weeks later. That was 32 years ago 😊

FortunesFave Sun 26-Jul-20 00:28:52

I organised a night out after my now DH started in my place of work and I asked him personally.

I flirted with him when I got the chance...not overtly...just a smile etc. He reciprocated.

After we'd all been out together, he asked me out for coffee....the next day I think. Then a couple of nights later, he asked me out for an evening.

That was it.

MyGodImSoYoung Sun 26-Jul-20 09:24:17

My fiance and I met at work. We were in different departments and barely crossed paths. I 'had to' email him about a client and he replied referencing Fight Club, but I had no idea what he was talking about. We went back and forth, he told me he'd find Fight Club and we could watch it in our lunch breaks. The first time we went back to his flat to watch it, he asked me if we had been flirting, and asked me to date him. I was delighted!

We no longer work together and I miss having him in my building, like a silent support if I am struggling with anything.

Just find a rubbish excuse to email him! My initial email was ridiculously vague and pointless grin

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