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Husband's snoring v. Hearing baby at night

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crazymuseummumtobe Thu 23-Jul-20 00:15:21

My husband is a snorer, his whole family does it. I can't stand the noise, and it stops me from sleeping (I'm a rubbish sleeper anyway). We've been together five years and I've played had to wear silicone earplugs.

We started sleeping in different rooms in December, as I was heavily pregnant and very uncomfortable. We carried on with this when baby arrived, having one of us 'on duty' in the spare room with baby in his crib, and the other one getting a decent night's sleep in our room.

Baby is now in his own cot in his room, and we're trying to sleep in the same bed again. I can no longer wear my earplugs as I can't hear baby /the monitor.

Husband has seen the GP before and been treated by the sleep clinic but they say his snoring isn't bad enough for them to do anything about. The effect on me obviously isn't really their concern.

I'm now back in the spare room, keeping an ear out for baby. Can anyone suggest any snoring solutions that actually work?! I want to share a bed with my husband again, but until he stops snoring, that's never going to happen 😭

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Floopyandtired Thu 23-Jul-20 00:50:47

This was me/us when my DS was born nearly 3 years ago. Long story short... I’m still in the spare room. I can’t imagine we’ll ever go back to sharing a room now as we’re both used to our own space. He’s a snorer and I’m an insomniac, so we both get better sleep apart. Hope you find a solution that works for you - good luck x

ShyTown Thu 23-Jul-20 00:55:15

Will your husband wake if they baby cries? If yes then can he poke you awake when it’s your turn so you can wear your earplugs? Or better yet just sleep in a different room to him!

Viletta Thu 23-Jul-20 01:37:15

My dog snores very loudly and I find this sound soothing. Maybe try plug earphones with noise cancelling that would be connected to the baby monitor so you could hear the baby? Not sure if they exist but normally work with Bluetooth..

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