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Attachment styles

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HGKPG Wed 22-Jul-20 09:36:10

Following on from my stonewalling thread I'm finding this really interesting.
I know a lot of people will have been stonewall Ed, or after hearing how that person has treated someone say 'I wouldn't put up with that' etc..
But like stonewalling has various different types so does attachment which is of I read correctly the reason people stonewall.

My partner was amazing.. I lost my patience after feeling like I wasn't getting anywhere and he stonewalled me..instead of me feeling angry I've tried to understand why he does this. Knowing his background I can see why he does and as much as yes its hurtful and frustrating he (I'm pretty sure) isn't doing it because he's a horrible person.

He's a dissmissive avoidant and I'm a secure yet anxious partner
In turn he panics when he feels like he can't please me and to me it looks like he just isn't interested.

Anyway long story short.. Has anyone dealt with this. I feel my whole time with him has been so good I can't just leave things.. And waiting for him won't happen as its part of the problem, they don't know what to do.
I feel so sad for him knowing what a lovely man deep down he is.

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