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Has anyone had an ok experience of divorce?

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Abracad Tue 21-Jul-20 21:18:01

As far as is possible, of course. I recognise than fundamentally its a difficult thing to do. Can it be amicable with a 50:50 split? Does it always have to be screaming arguments about money?

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Onemansoapopera Tue 21-Jul-20 21:41:24

I had an amicable divorce. Namely because exh is insanely wealthy and I'm not materialistic (and possibly a bit stupid) so instead of a 50:50 split which would have seen him lose millions to me, I moved out of the family house with DD into a semi - which was bought outright for me. I kept my commercial property and car. exh paid child maintenance. I didn't ask for spousal maintenance, nor a cut of his pension and it was all nice and calm and friendly. Until his next wife came along and it all went to shit and they're now getting divorced - for the second time.

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