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I miss him, how do I deal with that?

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bumbleb33s Wed 22-Jul-20 06:29:06

Remember how you felt when you split up with him and that you couldn’t get over him, that means that you want to be with him, if you continue being like this you will push him away and end up losing him. Have your wobbles on your own but be positive towards him, he’ll love you more for that.

Crystalspider Wed 22-Jul-20 06:18:06

Try and focus on the positives in the relationship, you miss him a lot and I'm sure that is hard, could you plan on what you do together when he's back home, something to look forward to rather than feeling at a loss.
After reconciliation I'm sure you must appreciate that you both still had a strong desire to be together again and remember that.
Unfortunately if someone cheats we have no control over that happening so you have to try and see the best in him and that he only wants you unless he's given reasons in past to doubt his faithfulness.
If there's no reason why you don't trust him then it's probably is down to your past experiences but don't punish him for how others have betrayed you, you will push him away if it continues. Have the mindset of a confident women he loves.

BethanyDeanna Tue 21-Jul-20 20:08:31

So, me and my partner got together in October 2018. We split up at the end of last year, and we got back together 5 months ago. During our separation I tried to get over him but I couldn't and neither could he. So it was great. It is clear we both really love and adore each other, but he is in the Military, and when he is away I miss him so so much!

I start getting irrational thoughts like, is he cheating on me? Why isn't he talking to me? And when I let it wiggle in my head, it ends up in an argument. I have been cheated on in past relationships and I feel like that is whats causing me to think this way.

I guess what I'm saying is, does anyone have any tips on how I can get past this, and cope with the missing him part? I don't want to keep accusing and arguing with him, because it really isn't his fault !

Thank you smile

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