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Anyone up for a cuppa/chat?

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Interestedwoman Tue 21-Jul-20 17:27:03


At this moment in time, I would be the one using you as an agony aunt. grin Maybe in a few weeks or something. smile

Annabeth91 Tue 21-Jul-20 15:36:42

Im a woman in my mid/late 20s living in London, good circle of friends but has become increasingly obvious to me that I exclusively socialise with women my own age. I am living far from family and would be interested in meeting/getting to know others of all ages to check in and give/get advice on both sides really.

My friends and I are all going through the same stuff (dating, housesharing, career stuff - navigating through life as best we can!) with all the (often quite funny) lows and (again often quite funny!) highs that this brings.

I'd love to have a video coffee or chat with someone who has been there/done that (or even is going through it themselves and wants a listening ear) to laugh about things over a cuppa and just have a chat.

I am not close to my mum but have had similar dynamics with friends' mums in the past and it has been lovely to just chat things through on both sides, and hear the other person's life experiences and listen to what they have to say, over a coffee and cake - even virtual now thanks to Covid.

If anyone thinks this is up their street, then please shout.

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