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I'm finally leaving!

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Imfinallyoff2020 Mon 20-Jul-20 21:09:21

Name changed as i don't want this linked with my other posts, i have friends on here so i know they'll know this is me.

I'm currently living abroad with my now ex partner, not married, no kids, just 2 dogs and a car on finance with his aunt as the guarantee.

I've here for 3.5/4 years now, he used to smoke weed but finally gave that up on new years day. He'd get a job, last about 6 weeks, call in sick all the time and then leave, he's get another job about 6 months later and the process would repeat itsself. He's jealous, paranoid and possessive. For example, I'd be driving down the road, looking at what was coming and he's accuse me of looking at a block of flats because he thought I was shagging someone inside.
If i go on facebook he get arsy because he thinks I'm talking to other men, not that i let that stop me from going on there. Accuses me of sleeping with people he's seen around my office that live in or around the area that he's seen, used to read all my messages, I've put a password on the phone now so tough!
I could go on and on with instances like this.
It's me that pays for everything, if we go food shopping it's me, if we go out for dinner it's me, if we go to the cinema it's me, you get the idea. He's never once bought me anything, even as a little token, from his own bloody money or treated me. If he has bought me anything it's because he's gone to his nan's house and got cash and then used this!!! She was a big enabler, this has thankfully stopped now.

So anyway, I've finally done it, It's built and built and built and I've ended it with him, handed my notice in to a job that i love and i'm devastated to be leaving, but it's for the best. I have about 6/8 weeks to go before i can return to the UK as i need to sort a few things here and it's also our busy period at work and i won't leave my boss in the lurch.
Today I've sorted through all my clothes, worked out what's coming with me, got a to do list together and applied for jobs back home.
My boss is meeting with me next week to discuss a leaving date, I'm hoping it might be mid September, or possibly sooner as she'll need to find someone.

I'm just so done! I cannot wait to get back home, just be myself and get on with life. I've not been happ for a while and I was worried I'd be on the shelf as I'm 34 and not married etc...

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Interestedwoman Mon 20-Jul-20 21:20:44

Yay, well done! Please go for it and keep us updated. xxx

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