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Experience of the Freedom Programme for DA persecutors

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Suzy39 Sun 19-Jul-20 19:17:07

Short version of this story is that I left my DH 2 weeks ago after years of emotional abuse. Just over a month ago i caught him (via an app) checking my phone which ultimately drove me to walking after yet another accusation of an affair.

Unfortunately I have had to see him as we have a young child and this week, i had to return home whilst we sort divorce out. He has mostly been at work and I am not in physical danger.

He knows he has a problem which he was openly admitted to previously and had counselling for, there are a number of underlying issues (rejection as a teen by his father, separation of his parents in his twenties, and most recently the death of our first little boy two years ago) which have all had a profound affect. This is the first time he has admitted to his family and friends how abusive he has been over a long period of time which i know is a big step forwards. Most have been incredibly shocked and hurt as you would never believe he had it in him.

He is fairly resigned to my actions over the last few weeks and what we have agreed separation wise however, he has enrolled on the Freedom Programme for abusers and has signed up for counselling and waiting for a residential place too (through his work).

I am not wanting people's opinions on whether i should divorce him or put it on hold, but i am interested in anyone's experience of this programme and the outcome.

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slousa Sun 20-Sep-20 16:47:36

Hi, can I just ask if you yourself are doing the Freedom Programme and did he go ahead with doing it?

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