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Do friend finding apps work?

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Still1nLove Sun 19-Jul-20 18:56:33

I’m 42 and not too happy with the way the relationships with my friends are working.

I have 3 ‘close’ friends that I’ve known since secondary school (21 years). We are always there for each other in a crisis. Will be there for a chat whenever needed. But I find that I’m the one organising any meet-ups, with us and/or our kids. In the past few years I’ve noticed that they don’t seem to be bothered by cancelling our plans and it’s starting to depress me.

I also have a ‘work’ friendship group. We are all self employed in the same sector, Varying degrees of closeness between different members of the group before lockdown we saw each other most weeks and would socialise every couple of months. Since lockdown, it’s become obvious that we are not ‘friends’ in the traditional sense. After lockdown I’m sure we will resume as before.

I would like to make some friends, to not feel so lonely, I’m sure there are others out there who feel the same. I could start a hobby or join a book club, but when I’ve done this in the past, while I’ve met some lovely people, they were there for the club or hobby.

So what are people’s thoughts on friend finding apps? Can anyone recommend one?

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PatKelly Sun 19-Jul-20 20:00:21

I don’t know about friend apps... I know only if dating apps.
I feel lonely but I generally don’t enjoy mixing with others and find my family and others have let me down and I feel disappointed with them.
I enjoy my own company and hobbies and crafts.../ but I wonder if I should be making an effort to make friends :/

tossacoin1 Sun 19-Jul-20 20:04:30

I've made two friends from two different apps (one was pre-pregnancy and now one through pregnancy on a mums app) so I say you definitely can. I had to speak to a lot of different people before I made these friendships though. I find a lot of times it starts off really well but eventually dies down until you don't talk anymore

cakecakecheese Sun 19-Jul-20 20:05:17

I used a website called meetup where you find groups in your local area. I went to the pub and for meals with a local group and I made a couple of good friends.

tossacoin1 Sun 19-Jul-20 20:07:15

Oh forgot to say I used Bumble with first friend I met

kerryw1992 Wed 22-Jul-20 19:11:19

Hi, I swear I've just commented on a similar post 😂
But I absolutely think they can work, sometimes it takes time like everything else.
I used peanut and I've met some people on there that I now speak to regularly ☺️ it's free to join so it's worth a go in my opinion! 🤷‍♀️ And it's basically like mum tinder - matches on interest, location etc.

Hope this helps, it can be so lonely right now x

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