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Marriage breakdown

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CrampRoll Sun 19-Jul-20 15:47:21

I think I should probably keep the details to a minimum here, but I was just hoping to vent a bit.

My sister has confided in me that her marriage is essentially irreparable due to some revelations her DH has sprung on her. It's all quite complicated the way it has played out, and she is drifting between outright shock, devastation that her world has been upended, and a sense that she has a duty to try and help him. I don't mean to be cryptic, I'm just not sure laying out the actual gory details would be a good idea in case she stumbled across this, and also I think it would dominate the thread.

Anyway, she has decided to take some time away to consider how to move forward which I am pleased about. No children, just a cat, thank goodness. I'm just so so sad for her ☹️ Why do people think it's ever ok to mess with someone else's life and drag them into your own drama, I mean what gives you the right whatever your excuse!?

Neither of us have direct experience of divorce in our family, how do you even practically sort out splitting a house etc!? Do you jump straight in or give the emotion time to subside? Will it ever!? Obviously I know the practicalities are not that hard and it will be done, but there are just so many implications both practically and emotionally that keep emerging and I want to throttle him for his pure selfishness. Is it ok to show my anger to her, when she's being a lot more restrained? This has indeed proven that she is a better woman than me.

Anyway, apologies for being annoyingly vague, I suppose I just needed to get some of it down so I can try and be a support to her rather than getting caught up in my own rage that this absolute bastard dared to hurt my sister when he promised to make her happy 😡

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