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Is somebody still awake?

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Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:01:17


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WeMustGetOffTheMountain Sun 19-Jul-20 02:03:55

Are you ok? Something you want to talk about? I'm here if so smile

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:05:52

I just had a shitty day. How about you?

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par05 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:08:28

Same here! Does it keep playing over in your head?

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:11:10

@par05 Yes, sort off... and I am drunk which doesn’t make it better... and no typically I drink very little.

I did something mean to my dh today. I exposed him to peoples ridicule and people made fun of him.

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ElizabethMainwaring Sun 19-Jul-20 02:14:28

Op this will be deleted too soon if you're not careful.
You're not doing yourself any favours here.
Have something to eat and go to bed!flowers

par05 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:15:46

Is your really dh upset about it?

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:17:19

May I please ask why the f... this thread should be deleted?

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ElizabethMainwaring Sun 19-Jul-20 02:18:17

Because you keep starting threads about the same thing

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:18:45

@par05 I am not sure. You often don’t know how he feels about things. Can be pretty stoic sometimes.

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Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:19:35

@ElizabethMainwaring Err, no, this thread is not about the controversy on the facemasks thread.

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ElizabethMainwaring Sun 19-Jul-20 02:20:43

Okey dokey. Apologies

CarrieMoonbeams Sun 19-Jul-20 02:21:33

I'm here because I had an unexpected 2 hour nap earlier, so I'm wide awake now.

Why did you do that to your DH? And who was there? Family, mates or colleagues?

par05 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:24:11

Hopefully he is ok, is he asleep? I'd maybe apologise to him in the morning, and you can't take back what has been said, so have to move on from it. Tomorrow it might not seem so bad.

ConiferGate Sun 19-Jul-20 02:24:33

@CarrieMoonbeams me too!

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:24:36

@CarrieMoonbeams Why? I think because I was drunk and I am not used to drinking and then I just realized that I had told people very private things.

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Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:25:29

@par05 Yes, he is asleep.

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lughnasadh Sun 19-Jul-20 02:27:00

On here, or in real life?

Because if you mean the shit show you posted here, this thread is plain attention seeking.

par05 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:27:05

It happens, and you said you don't drink often, we've all been there. Try not to dwell on it.

Shutupyoutart Sun 19-Jul-20 02:27:41

Im here because my son came in to our room and took my phone and rang his new pre school teacher and then threw me the phone and i think i left her a half asleep voicemail saying what the fuck! so now im wide awake worrying about it and he's gone back to sleep! hope you are ok op.

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:28:56

As I said before this is not about the other thread... which was by the way not a shit show. I chose the wrong words and I am sorry - but I think others on the thread have not been very friendly too but as I said this is not about the facemasks thread.

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1forAll74 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:31:21

People can say all sorts of things after drinking too much., good and bad things. so don't worry about it, especially as your Husband has gone to sleep. and maybe snoring happily. !

Flyingfish2019 Sun 19-Jul-20 02:33:44

@par05 and 1forall74

It’s nice if you. Thanks a lot.

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Shutupyoutart Sun 19-Jul-20 02:35:56

Im sure he knows you were drunk and didnt mean to upset him op id apologise in the morning and try not to beat yourself up over it.

HannaYeah Sun 19-Jul-20 02:39:58

Does he know? If not I’d not mention it. Tell the people you spoke to tomorrow that you feel like a jerk and shouldn’t have spoken that way.

If he does know and went to sleep upset, I’d make sure he knows immediately when you woke up that you are sorry. Put a post-it note somewhere he will see it when he wakes up!

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