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Need some help please....separation - last few days

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Seriouslynotagain Fri 17-Jul-20 19:46:39


I am In the last few days of living with partner of 15 years and father of two children I haven’t really been sleeping and been so up and down that finding it hard to rationalise anything.

He is so happy at the moment - clearly excited by his new life on the horizon free to drink all the time and be a single man again.

He didn’t even have the balls to finish it. He acted to appalling during the last few weeks (drinking in secret, lying about his drinking when clearly drunk, hiding bottles) and so secretive on his phone that I finished it. I should have done it years ago - I have just spent years papering over cracks thinking I was saving my family and I’m knackered with hardly any rl support.

I am dreading having to deal with him after he goes. I now have to find a way to take over the mortgage - we have an agreement but I don’t trust him and then have to think about established a co-parenting relationship with a deceitful twat.

I am angry that he already has his script about why we finished - it is we didn’t get out, argued lots, critical of him etc - it almost certainly will not include any reference to the fact he is a lying alcoholic. I have to hold to the fact that this stuff will probably happen again with whoever he has next.

I’m just rambling now as my mind is so tired but I’m just so angry and hurt.....

Any words of advice....please

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Babynumber2dueNov Fri 17-Jul-20 20:02:32

Oh love. What a hard situation. Keep hold of that fact, that his next relationship will no doubt end like this too! Also bare in mind that you’re partly exhausted from having to be around him as well. Imagine not having that stress! Dealing with the constant lies, bullshit and gaslighting. You’ll be like a freed bird (even if you’re stuck in with the kids!) xxx

jigglypuffcookie Fri 17-Jul-20 20:35:08

My husband is moving out next weekend- no advice as I'm struggling too but you're not alone xx

Seriouslynotagain Sun 19-Jul-20 06:12:54

Thank you both so much. Just three days left now.

@jigglypuffcookie hang on in there. J hope you are ok

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