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I don't think my partner is interested in me

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CharisA Thu 16-Jul-20 11:23:13

Hello, I've been with my partner two years we've always had a pretty good sex life and always felt like he wanted me even just an affectionate hug.... I am 20 weeks pregnant and in the last two months my partner doesn't seem to want to hug me or have sex.... I can't explain it really.... It's like he doesn't make the move or hint towards it anymore and he doesn't often come to me for a cuddle and hasn't kissed me more than a peck.... If I make a move he will have sex but I don't feel he he's having and urge to have sex with me.... I am showing I have a tummy but its not huge, I just I am pretty sure he doesn't want me and he's kinda made a comment about feeling strange about having sex knowing I've got a baby growing in me... But I'm feeling like he sees me as an incubator not his partner anymore..... He's more than happy for me to go down on him but honestly I think he would rather just had that than sex with me..... He's never made me feel unwanted before but now its hard to feel so distant from him when we were so close. I don't know why I'm posting think I just wondered if anyone else felt like this

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gamerchick Thu 16-Jul-20 11:27:03

It's really common for men to be weirded out at growing pregnancies. They have some strange ideas sometimes about the baby somehow 'seeing' or them touching baby in some way.

He's told you he's feeling strange, why don't you believe him?

However it's a 2 way street. If he's not willing to please you then no blow jobs. What is it with dudes and blow jobs...

MizMoonshine Thu 16-Jul-20 11:29:32

This isn't unusual, OP and it's not a reflection of your partner's attraction to you.
He's having a hard time separating you from the pregnancy. It's like having sex with the baby in the room to him.
You should have an open conversation about this with him. Express to him that the other forms of affection as still very important to you and go from there.
You'll more than likely find he will want to be all over you again post partum.

CharisA Thu 16-Jul-20 12:37:14

@gamerchick its more the fact he doesn't even kiss me not just the sex in general it's all quick hello goodbye pecks. I don't know all getting on my mind. Finding it hard to speak to him lately he doesn't open up at all and seems to just want to relax and not speak.... I'll try to have a chat but im not sure it will go very far

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gamerchick Thu 16-Jul-20 13:47:52

Well what was he like with you before pregnancy in general?

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