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Feeling very down after losing a friend - please send any positivity you have

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alwaysinpyjamas Wed 15-Jul-20 18:32:22

Unfortunately It's my fault the friendship ended - I spoke to a close friend as I felt put out by ex-friend as she often wouldn't reply to my msgs but would msg randomly to ask me to look after her DC - I don't have my own DC and unless I had plans I would always help out. Anyway, it made it's way back to her but very exaggerated and clearly has been changed along the way as she thinks I've been speaking ill and saying malicious things about her. I apologised and admitted speaking to my friend about the situ but she doesn't believe that it wasn't malicious. Ex-friend is stubborn by nature and has refused to listen, she said she can't forgive me and has since sent me a message saying that I should seek help and speak to someone as I must be exhausted living such a toxic life being truly troubled.

She has now blocked me on all forms of social media but did not delete my DSis who has shown me her recent posts where she is airing the dirty laundry between us. I would accept this if it were true however she is not telling the complete truth about the situation and is openly saying I am toxic etc.

I am so embarrassed, upset and having struggled with anxiety in the past, I'm starting to feel really down about this - I've also noticed a that a few mutual friends we had have now removed me from FB. I've been avoiding going out as my village is small and people talk, DH and my DM are trying to get me out the house even just for a walk but I can't hack it. Doesn't help as ex friend's family own 2 of the pubs/restaurants in the village which she has told me I am no longer welcome in.

I have no idea what to do, I keep going through peaks of positivity and then hit the troughs where I realise my life here is over and I might as well just move.

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Adviceneeded2020 Wed 15-Jul-20 18:36:50

She sounds like a horrible person and you are better off without her. I suspect the pub/restaurant thing will blow over. I would take baby steps. Start with a short walk with your partner. This feeling will pass in time. Clearly the friend you spoke to also shoulders some of the blame so I would steer clear of her.

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