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Dating site recommendations for a 47 year old?

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Getagripffs Tue 14-Jul-20 19:22:51

I've decided to start dating again. Any recommendations for a dating site for someone my age? I am looking for someone who wants a long-term relationship. Any recommendations gratefully received! Thanks

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SoulofanAggron Tue 14-Jul-20 20:52:25

I'm not an expert but I didn't mind Plenty of Fish. Obviously as with any online dating site you have to weed out unsuitables.

halfthesun Tue 14-Jul-20 21:06:44

Hello, I'm the same age and been dating for about a year. Best site to date is Bumble. Good luck smile

Getagripffs Wed 15-Jul-20 06:53:28

Thanks for the recommendations!

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hollieberrie Wed 15-Jul-20 08:21:32

Bumble. Or Hinge - think this is more popular in big cities.

iamthrough Wed 15-Jul-20 08:53:06

I'd add to the suggestion of Bumble. I'm 48 have been trying Online dating about a year and have recently found a lovely BF on Bumble. Different sites suit different people though so I would suggest you try a few different sites initially - use the free trials. You will probably find the same men on most of the main sites but you will soon learn which platform you prefer. Good Luck.

okiedokieme Wed 15-Jul-20 08:56:42

I used Elite. Happily moved in together. Took 4 months though as not that many men.

Also tried tinder, fun but I think most were married (however are very well, middle aged men insist on paying I found)

yesterdaystotalsteps123 Wed 15-Jul-20 09:03:02

I recommend a kitten grin

Chocolate123 Wed 15-Jul-20 09:04:30

I found my partner on Bumble similar age to yourself. I found it to be the best site. There is less guys there though I think as some don't like that a woman has to chat first but that could depend on your location too. Good luck smile

Getagripffs Wed 15-Jul-20 16:49:04

Interesting that Bumble is so popular! Did you have to pay? Just tried to join it but found filling in the form hard to navigate - and accidentally ticked that I was looking for women and couldn't find a way back from that!

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Musicaltheatremum Wed 15-Jul-20 16:52:14

I met my partner of 2 years on Tinder. 😄😄

Crystalspider Wed 15-Jul-20 16:53:43

oops haha you can edit your profile to find men!
Yes its free but you can pay to see who has swiped you but quite often it's men miles away.

Chocolate123 Wed 15-Jul-20 17:10:22

You don't have to pay on Bumble i think payment shows you who's swiped for you but sure you see that anyway once you've swiped for them

crimsonlake Wed 15-Jul-20 17:47:06

As with all paid sites, yes you can join for free but you get limited access to the features that you really need. Basically you need to pay for it to be of any use and if you decide to join more than one it becomes very expensive.
It is a numbers game and you will find the same men on the free and paid sites.

Melanie7788 Fri 24-Jul-20 10:42:14

I think, the most popular dating sites are Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match and Bumble. Also you can try Zoosk, eHarmony or Happn. The last one is a location based app, but it’s geared towards people you’ve actually met in real life as you can see how close a Happn member is to you, and how many times your paths could have crossed (you can read a review here). So, when two people meet, it is interesting to find out how many chances they had to find each other.

DrDetriment Fri 24-Jul-20 12:14:28

Same age and I met my long term partner on Tinder.

DreamingOfMrsG Fri 24-Jul-20 12:18:23

The thought of dating fills me with complete dread! I was thinking of looking at dating sites, will be watching this thread. Good luck op

MizMoonshine Fri 24-Jul-20 12:19:20

Bumble or OkCupid. They both give you more control than the other dating apps.
Avoid tinder like the plague. And PoF is largely full of undesirables.

1111Cleopatra Fri 24-Jul-20 12:19:45

A number of my friends have met partners on Elite Singles.

RamblingRose1 Fri 24-Jul-20 13:35:19


I recommend a kitten grin

Haha this!
But whichever site you choose take everything with a pinch of salt, see it as a bit of fun and take a break if you start to feel bad because of it. I'm rural so tinder worked best because there were more people on it and I like the fact you don't get unsolicited messages.
Good luck 😊

Msyoganidra32 Fri 24-Jul-20 15:57:03

OP the dating thread on this site is also very good . They are all pretty much the same and I think it’s luck . There are some good tips and rules on there too good luck .

Freefalling123 Fri 24-Jul-20 18:01:21

Hinge for me - and I live rurally, it’s definitely not just for city people.

Have had much success on there, and it’s easy to use grin

VivaVegas Wed 29-Jul-20 09:20:43

I'm a couple of years older than you and recently joined Match and Bumble.
I'm just finding I'm getting messages from people where we have nothing in common or where they drift off after a couple and it feels like no one really wants to progress anything other than message for a bit then disappear.
And blokes our age just seem so old hmm
Feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing!

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