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Why do I feel so rubbish

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Willowmartha1 Sun 12-Jul-20 17:49:38

Had a few dates with someone, I thought he liked me now I discover he only wanted to be friends and has actually met someone else. I've felt this way before when I have been in a relationship and it's ended but this wasn't a relationship and I still feel awful, low and teary. After our last date last night I sent him a horrible text saying I hope he and his new girlfriend will be very happy he hasn't responded so now I feel childish and silly. I'm off men forever can't handle feeling like this.

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anotherdisaster Sun 12-Jul-20 17:59:07

So did he tell you this on your last date? Had he been seeing her and you at the same time.
I'm sorry its made you feel like this. Sometimes it can be someone we just met that makes us feel crap. You obviously liked him and probably had high hopes it would go somewhere. A lot of how you feel will be disappointment. Don't worry about the text you sent, we've all done it. It sounds like you had a lucky escape to be honest. Chin up and move on.

Crystalspider Sun 12-Jul-20 18:10:19

As if you'd need to know he met someone else, some people don't take others feelings into account. Dating is very much a learning experience, don't invest yourself too soon, and refrain yourself from making contact when they aren't interested. Dust yourself off and talk to others and I'm sure you'll soon forget him.

Willowmartha1 Sun 12-Jul-20 18:31:41

@anotherdisaster I heard it from someone else they blurted it out I already knew he was going away for the weekend and when I jokingly said 'oh dirty weekend is it ?!' He said I didn't need to know ! Hence my text message about the new girlfriend which he hasn't responded to.

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roarfeckingroar Sun 12-Jul-20 19:32:21

That was childish and silly, as you say. Best to delete his number and move on.

roarfeckingroar Sun 12-Jul-20 19:33:11

That was childish and silly, as you say. Best to delete his number and move on.

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