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should i leae my husband

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em1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 10:38:32

Hi guys, thanks for all your support and advice. I decided to phone my husband last night and invited him round. There were so many questions i wanted answered. He explained to me that he had no feelings for this woman before the night it happened. The flirted all evening and it ended up with her coming back to our house. He admitted last night that she did in fact sleep with him in our bed, i think thats been the hardest thing to take so far. He said it only happened the once. As for the STD, he's been checked and said its all clear. I dont see how i can have anything then?

SSSandy2 Fri 28-Sep-07 10:41:45

OMG that's tough. Back to YOUR house to have sex in YOUR bed. That's a total lack of respect towards you. Sorry you're going through this

em1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 11:07:22

I just dont know what to do, if i leave him then i will alone with a 11 month old child but if i stay then can i ever trust him again?

Xavielli Fri 28-Sep-07 11:44:49

Personally, When someone cheats on me I am not willing to put myself in a position to allow them to do so again.

Is it worth always having to check where he is/has been? Is it worth always feeling guilty for doing so? Is it worth you feeling down when you dont know where he is? Is it worth imposing the stress this causes you on your 11 month old?

I have just come out of a relationship and I have 2 DCs (nearly 2.8 and 17months). Yes it is hard. But it has been worth it for all 3 of us as I am no longer depressed, I no longer snap at them for no apparent reason. Don't be afraid to be on your own. Best piece of advice I have had through my break up is "Dont think with your heart or with your head but think for your children". The way I look at it if you are unhappy then your kids will be unhappy. It is tough to learn to live on your own. But in the long run you will become secure in yourself and learn to trust your own judgement.

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