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Am I going crazy?

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NewMama2020 Sat 11-Jul-20 05:09:25

Long story short:

Pregnant and about to pop any day now
My partner has messaged other girls in the past (when we were newly together) but we got over that. Recently he's been messaging one of his 'mums friends' during the night basically asking her what she's wearing and one that said "wake up I'm bored" at like 1am... is it just me going crazy/ being paranoid or is this something you would worry about?!

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Anordinarymum Sat 11-Jul-20 05:14:37

How do you know he has been messaging this woman?

Whatdoyouthinkaboutthisone Sat 11-Jul-20 05:15:35

Hi OP,

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I do hope everything goes well and best of luck.

Sadly I think this shows your partner is up to his old tricks. You are not going crazy or being paranoid. Do you live together? I really don’t think this relationship has a future.
I hope you have good support from family and friends flowers

Somethingorotherorother Sat 11-Jul-20 05:26:46

...i wouldn't be worrying about it, I'd be kicking him out, getting geared up to be a single parent and filing for CMS. He's either cheating on you or trying to. Get an STI as soon as you can, talk to your midwife and gather as much family support as possible.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 11-Jul-20 05:29:32

I'm sorry op, but you have a massive problem on your hands. Your boyfriend is a serial cheat. Get rid now and move on.

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