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I DESRVE A MEDAL. i didnt storm in on dh right now and take hishead off

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wildpatch Fri 28-Sep-07 08:20:47

however i wont get one. or anything other thanmore crap thrown at me.
wed night he phones and asks what ds1 is doing monday 8th octofber in school? because he wants to take him somewhere educational. at the time i thought, well, what about me ffs. when have you eventaken me anywhere? but didnt say it. thought i wasmaybe being mean abd petty. ds should have oppurtunities
anyways. spoke to my dsis later, and she pointed out that ds2 was going to get serious middle child symndrome. so told dh he could take both the boys.or none. not i didntmention me to him at any point. no point in whining about what your're not going to get.
so right now, i cone online, for my usual mug of coffee before school drop off to find dh has booked a twin room for himself and ds in athens. 4* i might add. last time we went anywhere, 8 years ago, he didnt want to go up to three star. but when he travels on is own, its five star.
the page is sitting ther for me to look at and scream and shout about. so he canjustify tohiself what i crap wife i am.
andif i forbid ds1 from going because he isnt taking ds2, ds1 will be soooooo mega upset, and blameme forever and ever.
fucking bastard.

wildpatch Fri 28-Sep-07 08:21:54

i'm g oing to have to get d big sister to speak to him. maybe his mother. although i expect nothing from that quarter

Baffy Fri 28-Sep-07 08:23:05

how old are ds1 and ds2?

I can't believe he would want to take 1 and not the other. Poor ds2 sad

If I were you I'd take the boys somewhere myself (all together) and tell him where to go.

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 08:24:11

its a bit unfair to take one without the other. does he take you anywhere?

tribpot Fri 28-Sep-07 08:26:58

Among other issues, why does ds1 need to skip school to see Athens? Can't it wait til half-term? (I assume the flight prices will skyrocket then).

I certainly wouldn't 'forbid' ds1 from going (unless you mean lay down an ultimatum to dh that he take both kids) - it's not his fault, after all.

Sounds like you need to calm down (when you can - you're certainly justified in being thoroughly pissed off!) and then have a proper conversation with dh.

Carmenere Fri 28-Sep-07 08:31:21

Why do you need to wait to be 'taken' anywhere by this twat? Does he control the money? The obvious thing to do is to say nothing but book a trip away with ds2 with just you.
Seriously, you know the reaction you will get if/when you go ballistic at him. Just say nothing and get on the net and book a trip away for the same dates, 4 star, and he will not be able to complain.

warthog Fri 28-Sep-07 08:38:48

wot carmenere said

tiredemma Fri 28-Sep-07 08:40:09

Yes thats what I would do- book a trip away for ds2 and I.

wildpatch Fri 28-Sep-07 18:52:52

yep, that's pratcically what i did. went to see travel agent for tickets for me and ds2. but i may have to do it online as i intend to use his credit card.
and yes, the twat does control all the money

and yes, i did blow this evening. so dont quite get themedal.
ds1 is ten, and in the midst of a gazillion entry exams.
ds2 is six. six months older than ds1 was when dh took him to dubai etc. i didnt go because i was 8 months pregnant at hte time and i didnt want them to miss out on the trip. they were then going on to see my sister as well. and she was really looking forward to ds1 coming.
when did he last take me anywhere? about a gazillinon years ago.

warthog Fri 28-Sep-07 19:15:56

why don't you go away all together? it's a bit strange to leave you at home imho

Elizabetth Fri 28-Sep-07 19:26:38

I agree with warthog, it's bizarre that he would take your son off on his own. You are a family or has he forgotten that?

Also, it strikes me as a big problem that he controls all the money. That is a vulnerable position for you to be in.

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