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Ex husband has two lives

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cripspacket Thu 09-Jul-20 17:29:16

My ex husband of many years (we have two kids), left me for another woman and immediately got her pregnant. He insisted this was not planned and has refused to speak to my kids about it (he lives abroad). He's now "apparently" married, but takes his wedding ring off when he visits our two children.
We've just found out through ex family members he had another baby with OW in January, yet told no one, not even his own mother.

Am I the only one who thinks this is seriously weird behaviour? Our two kids (grown up) have never even been given the option to meet the two little siblings or the wife and the ex NEVER ever mentions any of them to our children.

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Crystalspider Thu 09-Jul-20 17:42:47

I guess it's guilt for the way he's treated you all, are your children bothered about meeting their half siblings?

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