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Finally free from my in-laws

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Lardlizard Wed 08-Jul-20 21:46:29

Celebrate good times come on !!

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Lardlizard Wed 08-Jul-20 21:47:14

Dh has finally decided to go nc with them

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AnneLovesGilbert Wed 08-Jul-20 21:47:18

What’s happened? Good you’re happy!

Lardlizard Wed 08-Jul-20 21:48:29

He’s finally realised how abusive controlling and nasty they are!

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Aussiebean Wed 08-Jul-20 22:00:02

That is a really tough thing for him to have done. Having done it, it wouldn’t have been easy.

Well done him. flowers

Lardlizard Wed 08-Jul-20 22:10:11

It was really really hard for him, He’s taken years Of shit from them. He will be ok in time but better give him some extra tlc for a while

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glitterfarts Wed 08-Jul-20 23:22:49

Yay for you and yay for him. Would he be willing to speak to someone to unpick the years of damage, pain and hurt they've inflicted?

Lardlizard Wed 08-Jul-20 23:47:22

Probably not knowing him but it might help

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londonscalling Thu 09-Jul-20 00:27:14

Are his parents aware he is going NC with them or is it something your DH has just decided?

Cordial11 Thu 09-Jul-20 00:38:07

Yes yes yes!!!
My in-laws are lovely but DP has other toxic family who live closer to us. They were controlling, manipulative, and sly liars. Cut ties earlier this year and it's like a weight lifted!

Happy for you OP!

Lightsareon Thu 09-Jul-20 00:50:06

Toxic Parents by Susan Forward would be helpful for your DH if he's maybe more likely to read a book than go for counselling? There's one called Toxic In-laws too if you feel you need it OP, although being free of them is probably enough for you smile

hellsbellsmelons Thu 09-Jul-20 08:41:02

Has he done some reading up on all of this?
As PP said - Toxic parents is a good start.
Get him to google FOG - Fear Obligation Guilt.
I would also suggest some counselling would help him.
This is gonna be tough for him.
Well done to him but the next phase is the hard bit!
Watch out for the flying monkeys (google that too) and stand firm together.

Lardlizard Thu 09-Jul-20 13:35:23

They won’t be any flying monkeys because they have literally no one else, I will try n support him as much as possible though

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