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DP's sister & his ex

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CoconutGal Sat 04-Jul-20 22:43:59

DP's sister is obsessed with his ex GF. They have kids together & DP's sister dislikes the ex, but still manages to keep track of ex's life & feed this back to DP. DP is very good at telling his sister that he's not interested & that it's all irrelevant to his life. But I'm getting pretty fed up with hearing about it. DP's sister & I get along fine, we're not best friends, we haven't swapped numbers etc but we're friendly enough to each other. It's really quite bizarre. Anyone else have this?

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LillyJean1 Sat 04-Jul-20 23:10:34

How long have you been with DP? If it's early days i am sure it is something that will pass.

I'm going through a situation with ex as we have kids and his sister and I have had some argumentative words towards each other but what I realise is that my ex is the instigator in it all. He plays everyone against each other. She obviously rants to him because he confides in her etc and it's a cycle but our split was recent so I am hopeful this is something that will pass with time and all that will matter in the end are the children.

I know it must be irritating to hear but I would sit him down and tell him how your feeling, have you tried to talk to him and see if he can make a suggestion as how to go forward?

GroovyGrove Sat 04-Jul-20 23:33:10

Op you must know some people love drama and that's what she's into.
It won't change unless you make it boring for her as in give her a indifference response.

CoconutGal Sun 05-Jul-20 06:29:01

We're in the middle of moving in together so DP thinks that once we've settled in she'll change her tune because she'll realise it's another person not giving a response to it. It's very immature & I suppose I try & avoid people who love the drama so when it can't always be avoided it's more annoying.

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