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Single parent dating

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Solost246 Fri 03-Jul-20 13:22:39

I'd like to know how are single parents supposed to date? Are there any rules to follow?
I've been single for 5 years, after a 10 year relationship, and feel like I'm ready to start dating.
I've recently met someone who I really like and would like to see where it goes. I have my kids the majority of the time, their dad has them when he has a day off work which can vary week to week.
I know that you're not supposed to let children meet your date for an amount of time, but how does this work when they are with me a lot? I want to do this right, but it seems so hard!
How do other single parents do this dating stuff?

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Sunshineandflipflops Fri 03-Jul-20 15:31:10

My situation was different as my ex has the dc 40% of the time so I had EOW and at least one night in the week free.

Do you have family who would babysit, or friends you could ask and then maybe return the favour another time?

I definitely wouldn't be inviting men round while my children were home.

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