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Why does this keep happening?

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Unclebob19 Sun 28-Jun-20 22:27:47

me and my significant fell in love, it has been amazing, totally life changing. Everyone can see how much it means to us, how complete we both are, it’s honest, it’s not perfect but it’s just beyond expression.

How we initially got together..... Well it wasn’t conventional, the typical way. But that doesn’t matter, she stated early on she was happy with just hooking up. And I thought fine, for a period we sexted, few naughty chats and she sent some xxx rated pics of her with other people. Sometimes I asked for them and other times I didn’t. That only happened for a very short period and then we both realised there was something more there, a lot more. The pics got deleted by both of us, we talked about it and moved on.

Only this is where I now find myself, we could be out for a walk, or holding each other bed, alone at work, at any random time and these images of her (the pics) pop into my head. I don’t tell her about it as I don’t want to upset as we have talked about it and I know bringing it up will make it hard for her. Thing is I love her too much to do that, but why do these memories suddenly appear? I’m seemingly in complete bliss, I just want to forget those images and move on, but for some reason they keep popping up at random times?

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Stella8686 Sun 28-Jun-20 22:55:18

If you love her deeply you are vulnerable. vulnerability can cause you to imagine the worst case scenario. Ie. These images are picking away at the back of your brain that that is who she really is mixed with jealousy and being judgmental.

We all know our partners have a past and if she's been honest with you throughout that's where it should stay. In the past.

Are you worried about getting hurt by her. That she will repeat previous behaviour with someone new (cheating) or that she liked doing that more than she likes being with you?

I can understand why you might let it get to you. But if you have an honest trusting relationship you can't let this past behaviour spur your relationship.

Completely depends on how faithful she is and how much you trust her. If you love her you have to accept her past and enjoy your future together

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