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Have I had a ONS?

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metalkprettyoneday Sun 28-Jun-20 05:37:12

Read another thread and wondered
I was trying to work out if I’d ever had a ONS and not sure .
In my twenties I spent the night with people met on a night out , but not have actual sex , just mess around a bit and then go to sleep .

I had actual sex on the first night together with people that I assumed was the beginning of a relationship - eg work / class mates becoming more , - so then not a ONS either as we kept seeing each other . Have I had one?

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RedBrownBrick Sun 28-Jun-20 05:45:42


DisobedientHamster Sun 28-Jun-20 05:46:54

Um, no. ONS, you hook up, you have sex, then you leave. Why would you assume it's the beginning of a relationship, if it is, a short-term one is a fling. ONS, you don't keep hooking up and having sex. Sex. I had some ONS's, I don't know who they are, some of them. 'Niall from Nalen's. 'Lucas from The Netherworld (a bar)' 'Jay from GSA (Glasgow School of Art)', that Irish bloke from the Grassmarket (I had a thing about Irish chaps for a while)' 'him from when I stayed with Nicola in Newhaven'.

DisobedientHamster Sun 28-Jun-20 05:52:18

Sex. 'I never usually do this.' Yeah, right.

HansBanans Sun 28-Jun-20 05:59:07

@metalkprettyoneday I would say no. From someone who has had a ONS, you're not missing much though, don't worry 😂

metalkprettyoneday Sun 28-Jun-20 07:47:13

@DisobedientHamster thanks. I did have randoms overnight as you say eg.strangers from bars etc. We did sex stuff but not PIV . So you reckon other kinds of sex don’t count . I seemed to meet men that weren’t that bothered about ‘ full sex’ Maybe it was the men I chose ? smile I’m thinking back 20 years .

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LunaNorth Sun 28-Jun-20 07:50:43

Why does it matter?

metalkprettyoneday Sun 28-Jun-20 07:52:26

@HansBanans thanks . Just wondered .

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metalkprettyoneday Sun 28-Jun-20 07:54:25

@LunaNorth I was reading a thread about someone considering one and I wondered if I had . I’m middle aged now so not something I’ve thought about for a long time.

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LunaNorth Sun 28-Jun-20 07:57:00

Ah, ok. So long as you’re not feeling bad about it, or anything daft like that smile

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