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Ex asking to meet up and go on holiday

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midnightstar66 Mon 29-Jun-20 07:56:11

Well I'd meet him a few times first as if it's a definite no you'll be annoyed you've booked the holiday. No reason ex's can't be given a second chance in these circumstances

JustC Mon 29-Jun-20 07:45:58

Go for it. Do be clear it doesn't necessarily mean you are really back together, just giving it a go.

Amiayoungmumthough Mon 29-Jun-20 02:07:49

Go for the holiday.
Even if you decide after the 1st day he's a knob, at least you've got some days in the sun to get over it.
I could be wrong but you already know each other if jump straight into that holiday head first and you'll have your answer sooner rather than later

Amiayoungmumthough Mon 29-Jun-20 02:05:27

Go for a holiday!
You really get to know someone on a holiday and if you can't put up with him for 5 nights then you know straight away it's a no go.
And you get some sun in the process.
Also you can delay and prepare thanks to Covid-19

ilikemethewayiam Mon 29-Jun-20 01:57:19

If you get on well, why not meet up and see how it pans out. The best relationships are when you are each other’s BFF. If it develops from there then great, if not then you’ve lost nothing.

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Sun 28-Jun-20 01:18:05

Loads of couples split then get back together when they're adults.

I wouldn't go on holiday just yet but meeting up won't do any harm

DoorstoManual Sun 28-Jun-20 01:08:45

Is he an ex or unfinished business ?

Don't go on holidays, do long days out, over to France (if you can geographically) go for early starts and late finishes on the long days out, you will soon get the measure of him. side by side driving you will chat a lot, you will soon know.


watchtower5 Sun 28-Jun-20 01:03:26

I still fancy him and have some feelings there. The whole time we were together I kept thinking he'd make a great Dad. He's now bought his own flat, seems to have grown up.
I think he asked to go on holiday because we used to have great holidays together. My reply to him was "Holiday!!?" And he said "Yeah! We still get along don't we? Who doesn't love a holiday"
I suppose there's no harm in meeting up. I've never met up with an ex before, I've also always advised friends to never get back with an ex!

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justkeepmovingon Sun 28-Jun-20 00:40:39

Sounds like a few dates wouldn't hurt?

NoMoreDickheads Sun 28-Jun-20 00:40:25

As a PP said, going on holiday sounds a bit full on for your first steps at getting to know each other again. Start with a few meets in the park or something.

Sasaz Sun 28-Jun-20 00:36:07

How do you feel about him? I don’t think there is anything wrong with splitting from someone because your not ready to give them what they want. It’s actually quite mature. I would just make sure he is a fault ready now and you are on the same page.

Justkeeprollingalong Sun 28-Jun-20 00:34:14

Try a few dates before jumping into a holiday.

ilikemethewayiam Sun 28-Jun-20 00:31:50

How do you feel about him?

watchtower5 Sun 28-Jun-20 00:12:05

Long story short, an ex from 4 years ago made it clear after splitting with me, he regretted it and wanted me back. Main reason he left me was we were young, I wanted kids and he didn't. I was heart broken but I quickly got into a new relationship.
It didn't work out with the new guy and the ex from 4 years ago is still trying with me. He's been single the whole time, kept telling me he loved me.

Since I'm single now, I've been answering his calls and texts. He's a decent guy, not a bad bone in him. We're chatting as friends, he mentioned he wants kids. He's not directly told me he wants me back. He's asked to meet up and asked me to go on holiday. Should I meet him?

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