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Should I stay in this relationship?

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Hopingforinspiration Sat 27-Jun-20 02:38:36

I have been in a relationship with my partner for nearly 13 years, he is 15 years older than me (I'm 32). Time is ticking and I'm wondering about continuing in our current situation, I do love him deeply and we've been through a lot, but I wonder whether we'd get on better in life without the ties that we have. We run a business together (7 years so far) and work side by side everyday, full time, this is our soul employment. Work, sometimes seems to be the only thing that we have in common, yes we have a laugh, but intimacy seems to have waned and we're more like colleagues than lovers now. I'm thinking that this can't really help the vibes within our relationship. There have been several times in the (now distant) past when he's said let's get married and have a family, but it's never gotten beyond that. Maybe I should have taken the initiative? I think that his interest is now waning in me and I should end it. I'm worried that I'm wasting my time. Should I keep going or flog the horse?!

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Monty27 Sat 27-Jun-20 02:54:27

Ask him firstly.
Depending on his answer ask yourself if it's what you want.
It doesn't sound like you do right now. Maybe it's your interest that's waned.
Don't settle for anything other than what you want and what is good for you OP.

Techway Sat 27-Jun-20 03:02:40

The age gap is probably also a factor. He will be nearly 50 so does he want children?

Don't settle, you have a long life ahead of you and were very young when you got together so are now an adult.

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