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Dating dilemma

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Ginbunny1212 Wed 24-Jun-20 08:07:46

Been in constant contact with ex. Not too sure he is interested and I am not sure I want a relationship again with him. He is pessimistic, likes a drama, bit selfish in his thoughts. etc. But despite that we get on well and amazing chemistry. It’s odd times dating at the moment, but got back on bumble.

Met a guy I had matched with before last year. In the time of speaking last year, I met my ex and he someone else. We started chatting again and are off on a socially distanced walk today. I hate investing time in texting someone if the chemistry is not there.

But he is really attractive and fit. Toned, muscles. Me size 12/14 not fit. Bit flabby as lost 3.5 stone. Bad skin due to mask wear at work and have bushy hair due to lockdown. I am not the best version in myself. Don’t feel attractive enough for him.

I dipped my toe back in recently and all I have gotten is rude pictures and men clearly interested in sex. This guy seems genuine and intelligent.

But my ex is still on my mind, even tho no hope. What do I do?

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crimsonlake Wed 24-Jun-20 08:09:17

Your ex is an ex for a reason, remember that and move on to a new chapter.

hellsbellsmelons Wed 24-Jun-20 09:57:51

Well done on your weight loss OP.
Enjoy your walk.
If someone doesn't like you exactly as you are then they are not worth your time or effort.
Chill out and be yourself. Keep it light and casual.
Also remember, he may be really attractive and fit on his profile pics, but they may not be the reality when you meet.

As per PP, your Ex is an ex for a reason.
If you want to 'get over' him then you need to cut all contact.
Block on everything and move on with your life.

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