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Am I being unreasonable? What would you do

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mumtoavm Sun 21-Jun-20 22:04:54

I was with my partner 3 years when I fell pregnant with my LB. when I fell pregnant we had the rockiest relationship but made it work (when we were first together he made me feel amazing but we both went through a lot.) we got a flat together. Our little one is now 9 months old and I'm severely insecure and down all the time! I have no confidence what so ever and my partner is really not helping.
He started commenting on my stretch marks, weight but always as a 'joke' he jokes so much about how I look or what I wear it really gets to me and ends in arguments when I mention it. (I was a size 6 pre baby, now a 10!)
Whenever I obviously make an effort he never tells me I look nice or anything. I never ever get any compliments. Whenever I try something on he either doesn't like it or it's 'alright' I really can't do it anymore and don't know if I'm over reacting?
He makes me feel the lowest I've ever felt.
I once got a new dress and like my hair up in a bun with it and he said 'I don't like your hair like that though you look like a boy' 🙃 I feel like I need to get out this relationship for my own mental health. We don't have sex, he never gives me a cuddle or kiss and would rather stay up playing xbox than come to bed same time as me! He also never makes effort with my family but honestly the list could go on.

Am I over reacting?? What would you do

He is an amazing dad and does look after us both financially, but that isn't making me happy deep down.

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Lucky08 Sun 21-Jun-20 22:09:08

Your right. You do need to get out the relationship for your own mental health. By criticising how you look and then making it out to be a joke is manipulative behaviour. No matter what your size or how you look you should NEVER be made to feel you are not good enough, and that's by anyone, let alone someone who loves you. Pack his bags and tell him where the door is.

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