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Am I Wrong for kicking him out?

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Allbutone Sun 21-Jun-20 20:17:45

I have recently just found out Im pregnant.
My husband wasn't too supportive in my first pregnancy, however he has promised to be more supportive this time round.

A few months a go we got in to a silly argument.
I have been at home looking after our toddler without any breaks, and I've been finding it quite stressful. My husband came home from work and I told him that I wanted to go out for a little bit would he be able to look after DS.
He refused which made me quite upset and angry. I became too emotional and decided to go out for some fresh air.
5 min later my husband was downstairs getting onto his car, I was fuming as he left DS upstairs in our apartment.
I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran upstairs and found DS in his high chair.
This is the 2nd time he left DS in our apartment.
I told him that if he even attempted anything like that ever again he'd be out.
I packed all his clothes left then outside and texted him to not come back again.

A few hours later he came back to find his items outside the door.
He then proceeded to kick the door down because I refused to open it.

Long story short, I am currently feeling all sorts of emotions. This incident happened two months ago, he hasn't check up on me or DS. I feel absolutely horrible and alone.

Do you think I over reacted ?

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CuntyMcBollocks Sun 21-Jun-20 20:23:15

Not at all. You do whatever you need to do to protect your children

ItsSpittingEverybodyIn Sun 21-Jun-20 20:26:13

Is have done the same, I am proud of you!

Totaldogsbody Sun 21-Jun-20 20:30:26

You gave him another chance the 1st time he left your DS alone. A good father / husband would have watched his DS and given you time to yourself. He's a selfish individual and

Tigersneeze Sun 21-Jun-20 20:30:41

sounds like you made the right decision.
good for you.

MoseShrute Sun 21-Jun-20 20:31:13

He is a complete wanker. Well done for putting your child first

Totaldogsbody Sun 21-Jun-20 20:32:00

Sorry didn't mean to post. As saying he's a selfish individual and not worth crying over. He hasn't checked on you. Keep strong.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sun 21-Jun-20 20:45:53

You did absolutely the right thing - he is a selfish immature and irresponsible man-child. In fact, that’s an insult to children as most of the time, if you ask a child to watch their brother or sister, they would do it! And they wouldn’t kick your fucking door down. He’s an arsehole. You and your DC deserve better.

DwayneBenzie Sun 21-Jun-20 20:47:17

He kicked the door down?! I would not have someone that violent back in my life ever.

Makegoodchoices Sun 21-Jun-20 20:49:14

You were not wrong. He’s a man who found it unacceptable to be asked to parent his own child.
So much so he’d rather leave a child alone and run away from the responsibility.

LovingLola Sun 21-Jun-20 20:49:27

Does he know you’re pregnant?

Allbutone Sun 21-Jun-20 20:51:31


Yes he does.

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Allbutone Sun 21-Jun-20 20:54:39

Thank you everyone.
I have been all over the place with my emotions.
And caring for a toddler without any emotional support is really hard.
I find myself crying myself to sleep at night, wondering where I went wrong and what I did to deserve this.

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DandyMandy Sun 21-Jun-20 20:56:25

You didn't over react. You have to protect yourself and your children and that's exactly what you did. The fact that he left the child alone and then proceeded to kick the door own when you rightfully kicked him out is disgusting. Well done for standing your ground.

backseatcookers Sun 21-Jun-20 20:56:44

He put your son in danger and also kicked a door in. You didn't overreact, he's a complete arsehole and sounds like someone who makes your life harder not easier. Do you have other support you can lean on during this pregnancy? thanks

NoMoreDickheads Sun 21-Jun-20 21:00:40

I find myself crying myself to sleep at night, wondering where I went wrong and what I did to deserve this.

Nothing hun, he's an arsehole that's all, it's not your fault. xxx

Allbutone Sun 28-Jun-20 18:13:57


Thank you 💖

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