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Finally moving

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Greedypeopleithink Fri 19-Jun-20 01:57:55

Hi everyone,

After 5 years of marriage that was full of difficulties which often stemmed from in laws on going requests that placed a lot of pressure on me and dh. This was followed by the death of mil which bought a whole new set of pressures, we are finally moving into our new home tomorrow. The house buy was one of our biggest disagreements. He wanted it. I didnt. His parents wanted it etc.
Anyway, we are working through our issues and have a better understanding between dh and i. I feel sad to leave our old house but glad to move into new house. But i have this sense of relief that this horrible chapter is ending and hopeful a new chapter will make the marriage and life easier. I guess it is a bitter sweet moment and i am lying here in my room for the last time. Its just a strange time. I wanted to know if anyone else felt this way when moving homes.

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longtimecomin Fri 19-Jun-20 02:54:14

Why did you not want to move to the new house initially? And with MIL gone, are you in law issues over?

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