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Meeting someone new after 40

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Anotheruser02 Wed 17-Jun-20 21:34:14

Is this a realistic possibility? I have an 8 year old and have been single since he was born. I wouldn't say I'm hideous, I have far less confidence than I had 10 years ago.
Is there any other way apart from OLD? I look fucking awful in photos, I always have even when I was young and hot and had lots of attention, I still took a shit photo, the photos don't match the mirror and I hate the thought of anyone I know seeing my OLD profile.
Where can I realistically socialise with others around my age when most of my friends are married and would rather go for a meal? I've been really lazy about pushing myself forward, focused on my child for almost all of my 30's now I want to meet someone for me. Have I left it too late?

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HappyHedgehog247 Wed 17-Jun-20 21:36:58

I met a lovely man having single parented from baby- just before 7. It was OLD and I swiped left a LOT before I swiped right. I only put one photo on of me abroad at a meal. I was smiley and happy in it but not super glam. Good luck and don’t give up. Socially, I didn’t do it this way but might have tried park run or friends of friends or local art type events. Hard to get out when you are a single parent though.

HappyHedgehog247 Wed 17-Jun-20 21:37:24

PS I was 43 and he is a year younger.

typewrriter12 Wed 17-Jun-20 21:40:28

Not got any experience but what about evening class may be a language. Just a thought.

WinnieWonder Wed 17-Jun-20 21:42:59

Id say so!
I met loads of people on line in my 40s

50 now so im done. I wouldnt turn up in anybody's search. But in your 40s there will be lots of interest

Reedshoes Wed 17-Jun-20 21:46:19

You’re 40 not 95 OP!! Good god, you’re husband might be one password and two swipes right away and you’re too worried about being old!!

I assume you’ll want to meet someone a similar age so they won’t look the same as they did at 20 I’m sure!!

Go for it, I’m sure you’re lovely

Anotheruser02 Wed 17-Jun-20 22:00:10

I really want to meet someone face to face. I'm thinking social settings. I'm not the type of person who would see it as a waste of time or a shit night if I didn't meet someone, some of the most fun nights out I've had didn't lead to anything special happening. OLD really got me down before though and was the reason I gave up looking after my Son was born.
Two of my friends over the last 8 years have been OLD and between them have had many no shows, people who have excited them and then ghosted them, and the thing that I found a lot people who seem to just want a text relationship, like a bit of banter and their ego's stroked but never actually get around to meeting up!
Right now I'd even take a fun hook up to make me feel like an adult who's not just someones mum.

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Reedshoes Wed 17-Jun-20 22:38:23

On a positive note- I suppose all this will be over at some point and there’ll be so much socially. Folk that don’t even drink will be in the pubs!

Reedshoes Wed 17-Jun-20 22:38:49

socialising I mean

okiedokieme Wed 17-Jun-20 22:44:11

My exh left me in my mid 40's I've since met dp. Yes you can meet someone

Monstermuncher Wed 17-Jun-20 22:47:34

I could tell you a few horror stories about OLD. I was completely out of my comfort zone with it but you have to look at it as a means to an end. There are some strange folk out there but also a few lovely ones too. Good luck OP!

cosmicbabe Wed 17-Jun-20 23:01:47

Well you are not going to get many social situations in this current climate. I met my fella OLD having been single for a few years and he's amazing and we are very much in love and planning the rest of our lives together. I'm 40 and he's 41 xx

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