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Father his new live bothers me.

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SillyKitty2014 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:05:23

I just wanna share my story because it really bothers me. Any feedback would help me, maybe I'm making this a lot worse than it really is.

My dad live together with a woman an hour drive away from my place. His girlfriend have children and grandchildren who all live in the same city they do. They see each other multiple times a week. Since my fathers lives there, there is barely any contact between me and my dad. If we have contact lately, it's because I make the first move. I have a daughter, she is 5. He shows almost no interest in her. It hurts that my dad are more close with girlfriend her (grand) kids then with us. He have said multiple times that we are always welcome to visit him, but he never comes to our place.

Does this sound familiar to someone? How do you cope with the situation?

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nodogz Tue 16-Jun-20 17:16:28

I just learned to see it as crap parenting behaviour and decided to limit contact.

My father is a weak man who has spent his life at work. He has a partner who is neither a good partner, mother or grandmother, she's done some unforgivable stuff. We fell out because I wouldn't let my child go to them unsupervised. I would not let them install in them the worthlessness instilled in me.

He gets in touch every few years to start contact but it never lasts. These days I feel sorry for him, he's wasted his life. But his crap parenting stops with me smile my next generation will never be ignored or controlled and I think that's a good thing that I should be proud of.

If it really bugs you get some therapy or listen to dr Tanya's podcast x

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