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Online dating - he’s not asking me many questions

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thefourgp Mon 15-Jun-20 23:19:13

We’ve spoken online every day since Friday but I feel I’m having to do a lot of the work. He contacts me first but it’s mainly ‘how are you?’ ‘what have you been doing?’ then a load of messages with me asking him questions about him and making small talk about what he says. This is the first time I’ve tried online dating. We’ve flirted a bit but he should be more interested in making an effort to get to know me better shouldn’t he?

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milkysmum Mon 15-Jun-20 23:26:38

It's only Monday?

Crystalspider Mon 15-Jun-20 23:30:56

If they genuinely want to get to know you then yes they should be asking more questions on yourself and it should be balanced, you ask a question then he asks you something in return.
See how it goes but he might turn out to be self centred or if he's only interested in flirting/sexting then that's all he wants.

AtrociousCircumstance Mon 15-Jun-20 23:36:57

Well if you want to devote time getting to know someone boringly self absorbed who won’t show any interest in you, knock yourself out OP.

You don’t know this man - just say you don’t think you’re compatible and block.

Mermaidwaves Tue 16-Jun-20 00:18:29

OP nine out of ten men I've spoken to online are like this, totally boring conversation with me making all the effort. I've had my own tread about this as its so frustrating. I find these tend to go nowhere as the conversation fizzles out, and either of you will just stop replying. You will know if you gel well as the conversation flows easily. Keep looking if I were you.

TomNook Tue 16-Jun-20 02:04:58

Lol at its only Monday
Ignore him for a bit

TomNook Tue 16-Jun-20 02:05:20

He’s probably messaging several at the same time

julia2001 Tue 16-Jun-20 02:34:34

i used to online date before i found a boyfriend and hardly any of the men i spoke to put it any effort into actually having a conversation. so i just stopped replying as i would get bored of the same repetitive questions " how are you" and stuff like that. i think most men are like that they just don't put it any effort and i don't think it's intentional. i would suggest asking what type of relationship he's looking for with yousmilex

Aquamarine1029 Tue 16-Jun-20 02:38:56

You need to back off a bit. If he's interested, he'll start to engage more.

thefourgp Sat 20-Jun-20 18:03:22

Yeah, I was overthinking it and getting uptight about looking for red flags. I’ve relaxed. We’ve been bantering lots this week and have arranged to meet up next week. wink I’m hopeful but of course I know it might not go any further if there’s no chemistry in person.

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Michaelbaubles Sat 20-Jun-20 18:15:20

Honestly guys like this online are ten a penny. I’d ditch the conversation after a day if it never took off. It’s pretty obvious immediately if it’s someone you’ve actually got anything in common with tbh.

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